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Spirit of Ecstasy

BusineVersity RoyceRolls-Royce and Bentley cars are famously "The Best Cars in the World".  They should therefore be cared for by the most skilled mechanics in the world.

Our client, an establishment run by factory-trained gentlemen who, between them, have many decades of experience, is a specialist workshop dedicated to the repair, maintenance and sale of the finest cars.

Should you own a Royce or a Bentley, our clients are well equipped to service your car at very reasonable rates, to the very highest standards as you would expect given their experience and training.

If you do not own such cars, they have a very fine selection of stock to choose from - be it a special-bodied Derby Bentley you desire or just a more ordinary Silver Cloud standard steel saloon.

Additionally, they can procure any car you desire - even a new model - and they can deliver worldwide.

We believe businesspeople of all kinds can benefit from the added presence such fine cars bring.  They give clients confidence that you are able to deliver for them the same success you have obviously enjoyed.

Such cars are, therefore, an asset to your business - in the "Rich Dad" sense that they serve to increase your success rather than just the accounting sense whereby they are things of value which can be added to company balance sheets.  Many of them have the advantage that they will only appreciate in value, so the depreciation factor disappears: and whilst the depreciation of assets is a well-known accounting technique, there is much to be said for something which, like a fine wine, will never lose its value, and adds to the solidity of your firm in the eyes of your clients.

There's power in that.

Did you know...

Did you know that we offer a substantial finder's fee (half our commission) to anyone who refers a friend  - including you - who buys through us?  That's the Art of Good Business!

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This is the place where you'll find details of all our new clients.  Come back often and find out what new and exciting products we can offer you.

Thus far, we have:

Rolls-Royce and Bentley Specialist

Specialist (off-market) cars

High-End Website Design

Property Specialist

Construction Project Manager

I.T. Specialist

Personal Breakthrough Specialist

...and many more!