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Welcome To The Oils Gallery

gruffudd fine arts come hitherGruffudd Fine Arts paints in Oil and Acrylic.

Ever since Jan van Eyck popularised the medium - which is so much easier to work with than the then more commonplace egg tempera - in the early fifteenth century, oil paints have been the standard for the great works of art.

Because they dry more slowly than both egg tempera and acrylic paints, oil allows for far greater expression per unit of talent.  It is, of course, possible for an artist to produce the same results with the other two media, and many of the Great Masters preceding van Eyck were painted in egg tempera.

But oils are more suitable for my style of art because I paint slowly: not for me the mantle of Flemish painter David Teniers the Younger, some of whose paintings were nicknamed "afternoons" because it is said they were done in mere hours.  No, I will often come back and revisit my work to embellish it

Enjoy the show.

What's New?

This is the place where you'll find details of all our new clients.  Come back often and find out what new and exciting products we can offer you.

Thus far, we have:

Rolls-Royce and Bentley Specialist

Specialist (off-market) cars

High-End Website Design

Property Specialist

Construction Project Manager

I.T. Specialist

Personal Breakthrough Specialist

...and many more!