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La Dolce Vita

la dolce vita busineversityTrust the Italians to have a word for something good.  And what could be better than a comfortable and happy life?

A wise man once said that the secret to getting what you want is to help enough people get what they want.  At, this is central to our philosophy.  Of course, we want to make money, but the way we do it benefits everyone.  You see, people always want stuff - this is central to the economy: people always talk to each other, too - this is central to civilised society.  When someone says they want something, if we can give it to them we will - if not, we will endeavour to find it.

We are, in many ways, like a shop - we like to think of ourselves a cross between Harrods and John Lewis, combining the best bits of both: Harrods for the customer service and being able to get anything you want, John Lewis for rewarding partners and anyone who helps us to satisfy our clients' requirements.  We don't need you to enter into formal arrangements with us, unless of course you wish to, or wish to become one of our clients, but you can help us at your own convenience.

You will, naturally, benefit greatly from this arrangement.  Our clients pay us a finder's fee for any leads we pass them and, if those leads are passed to us by you, we pay you half of that commission.

Obviously, there's no provision here for a residual element: however, there is a possibility that you could turn it into a residual commission, should you wish to do so.  If you have friends who are willing to help you gather those leads, you can pay them half of the commission you get for those leads, and they can in their turn get residual for any friends they get to help, and so on.  Naturally, there's nothing to stop them coming to us directly with leads, but your friendship should keep the chain in place.

This isn't a scheme, however - there's nothing to pay and nothing to buy, no overheads or anything of that nature, so all you need to do is supply leads and we'll do the rest.

Welcome to la dolce vita.

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Thus far, we have:

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