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The Shock of the New

As an innovator (which is what being creative binds me to), I find there is much that has to be explained before such innovations as I come up with are readily accepted.

Does it work?

Can it be trusted?

Of course, there are all sorts of people out there: some, the early adopters, are ready to experiment, to take the risk that it may not work, knowing that if it does they will have "first-mover advantage" and can build on their discovery before the rest have got over their scepticism.

Of the sceptics, the vast majority are average sorts who may have been disappointed in the past but who haven't let their disappointments affect them too deeply.  They are willing to try things which have proved their mettle, but which aren't so old-hat that they would prove unfashionable.

The old hats are worn by the laggard.  Obviously, laggard isn't necessarily the pejorative that some people might think, because a lot of these are "fashionably unfashionable" in that they see it as a point of principle to position themselves behind the curve.  And there's nothing intrinsically wrong with that - I, myself, prefer to drive older cars, for example.

But in business, where the sands of time are ever burying the old as the new gains prominence, it's usually best to be an early adopter.  First-mover advantage is a great asset when it comes to making good business progress, to making money.

And so we come to the reason for this 'blog post.  You see, the BusineVersity way of doing things is the future of marketing - we don't mind making this proud boast, because it's true.  You see social marketing opening up new avenues for all sorts of businesses, who tire of spending millions on fruitless - or at least less-efficient-than-they-ought-to-be - marketing efforts.  On the consumer side, people don't want to be bombarded with advertisements and cold-calls, so that they have to answer the 'phone six times while their turkey dinner is getting cold.

But people still want things.  People always want things - and more to the point, they want things they can trust.  They don't really want to look at money-back guarantees and consumer legislation when things go wrong; nice to have, of course, but a hassle to have to chase truculent companies through the courts only to get a fraction of what you paid in the first place back.

So what we do is we put buyers who want things with trusted sellers of those things, and everyone's a winner.

What's more, we give away half the commission we earn from the sale of these products or services into the pocket of the person who gave us the lead that led to the sale.

So you make money without having to spend any.  Who can say fairer than that?

If you want to get on board the future of marketing, just get in touch and we'll do the rest.

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