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I Went on the Internet, and I Found This...

Jeremy Clarkson, in the old new Top Gear, was often fond of saying this, in the News segment of the programme.  Predictably what he, or his researchers, found was often car-related, via some of the other things the Internet is often famed for.

But it's not only useful for finding car stuff or heavenly bodies.  The truth is that the Internet can be used for all sorts of fascinating things - if you set it up right.  Of course, there are some things which are best done offline - like making personal connections - but there is a role for the Internet in this, too.

The idea came to me one cold winter's evening - oh, okay, have it your own way, about half an hour ago.  About dinner-time, it was.  You see, whilst revenge and blancmange are dishes best served cold, a roast pheasant with all the trimmings tastes better having lost a fight with an oven.  Making friends and business contacts is the same: you don't go up to someone in the street and tell them to buy this multi-million pound dishcloth or that tuppence-ha'penny yacht, after all - at least, not if you like your nose the shape it is.  But it'll do for a first approach.  Going up to them in the street, that is, not mugging them.

Once you've found out their dog's called Burt and their budgie sings Rule Britannia whilst riding a unicycle, then you can begin the trek to salesville, or maybe even some other place of nuptial bliss.  But the groundwork you do first gives you a map of where the landmines, pratfalls and banana-skins are along the route.  And that is where a fiendishly-crafted Internet help-meet can be your bosom pal.

This is what we, at, strive to provide.  We are the raw materials for your filet mignon - each unprepossessing on their own but, thrown together in an artful way and shown the oven of haute-cuisine well, all things are possible - even some of the things that aren't!

Then it's up to you to see that your filet mignon doesn't end up more filleted minion...

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