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2006 Bentley Arnage

Named for the Arnage right-angle corner at Le Mans, the Bentley Arnage is everything you expect it to be.  Fast, agile, good looking in a stately-home sort of way.

With its British V8 turbo-charged engine (the early ones had a BMW-sourced unit), its mechanicals are tried and true, making exactly the noises a true gentleman's express should be making.

This particular car is a beauty.  With its black paintwork set off by that polished chrome grille, it oozes understated elegance, as Old Money should.  Step inside, and you are cossetted by snow-white leather, the epitome of cleanliness.  Above you, a sunroof provides an airy ambience, and you can drive the car with confidence in full knowledge that it has been properly serviced for the ten years of its life.

It can be yours for just £35.000.  For more details, visit our page at

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that we offer a substantial finder's fee (half our commission) to anyone who refers a friend  - including you - who buys through us?  That's the Art of Good Business!


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