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1999 Bentley Continental SC

Have you ever found yourself desiring a rare car, a super-rare car, a car which will probably be as sought-after as the illustrious ancestor for which its immediate antecedent was named?

Now is the chance to purchase one of only 73 Bentley Continental Sedanca Coupés made.  It's a true open-top sports-car with the extra cachet of being exclusive.  Like the aforementioned R-Type Continental, it is likely to become even more highly sought-after than it is now, so now is the time to get it.  Prices will probably only rise...

This very rare piece of British motoring, complete with a full service history, is priced at £140,000.  If you want it, you can purchase it through us and receive a bonus or, if you know someone else who might like it, let us know and, if they purchase, we'll give you a sizeable finders' fee.

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