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1963 Bentley S3 Saloon

In 1963, Rolls-Royce decided to update their Silver Cloud series for its final iteration, the Series III.

Elegant and stately from every angle, the so-called Standard Steel saloons shared their factory bodyshell with the contemporary Bentley, which was also updated.  With the powerful and understressed V8 under the bonnet (which still hinged traditionally, longitudinally from the middle), the Bentley was the car for those who wanted Rolls-Royce comfort but without the show the Royce portico grille portended.  This was for Old Money.

This entirely original car comes from one family who has owned it since new, and is an excellent example in black with beige hide.  With only 123,000 miles from new, it's for sale at a mere £49,500,  Again, if you know of anyone who would wish to purchase it, we will give you a finder's fee on completion.

For more details or to purchase, please go to the page, and fill out the form.  We will be in touch presently.

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