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BusineVersity Business University

BusineVersity Business UniversityWe offer an arrangement whereby we can facilitate the teaching of business skills.

Obviously, we aren't a respected seat of learning such as the University of Westminster, whose Business School ranks as one of the highest in the country, but in many ways, we can go one better.

You see, we've partnered with Tecademics as an Ambassador, and we offer a knowledge solution which is truly la crême de la crême, taught by people who are really at the top of their game, making sometimes tens of millions through the Internet.

Some of the courses on offer include:

  • The Entrepreneur Club, a rolling programme of up-to-the-minute knowledge essential for anyone who wants the Internet to be part of their marketing mix.
  • IMPACT - a modular training course of very high efficacy, where you learn the skills for highly successful e-commerce from some very high earners.
  • Masters - they say that you are the average of the top five people you surround yourself with: well, why not surround yourself with tens or hundreds of high flyers in this University-style earn-while-you-learn system?

We've also teamed up with the Proctor Gallagher Institute, whose Bob Proctor is probably one of the best mindset teachers in the world today.

Some of the courses on offer here include:

We're also going to be offering a peer-to-peer learning experience, which allows people to gain wisdom from each others' experiences.  This is similar to Wikipaedia, with one crucial difference - everyone is accountable for the knowledge they divulge, and when that knowledge is found to be trustworthy, the person giving it is also trusted.  

That's the Art of Good Networking!


What's New?

This is the place where you'll find details of all our new clients.  Come back often and find out what new and exciting products we can offer you.

Thus far, we have:

Rolls-Royce and Bentley Specialist

Specialist (off-market) cars

High-End Website Design

Property Specialist

Construction Project Manager

I.T. Specialist

Personal Breakthrough Specialist

...and many more!