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2009 Bentley Brooklands

2009 Bentley BrooklandsBrooklands - now there's a name which conjures up images from the golden age of motor-sport, and British motor sport at that.

Of course, little remains of the old track nowadays - but the name of it and the exploits and heroics thereon have passed into legend.  With Bentley's association with the track It's no wonder, that it should use its name for their cars.

And what cars!  You see it presented here standing still, but looking like it's charging at full tilt.  A limited-production car of just 550 units, this was the successor to the Continental R and T models.  It is therefore built both for speed and comfort.

This car, finished in grey, comes through us with a very low mileage of just 9,700.  With new tires and a recent service, and the cachet of exclusivity, it is yours for a mere £129,000

To enquire/purchase, please use the form to the right and quote ref 09bbrook in the Requirements section.  We will be in touch presently.


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...that we offer a substantial finder's fee (half our commission) to anyone who refers a friend  - including you - who buys through us?  That's the Art of Good Business!

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