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2000 Bentley Arnage

2000 Bentley ArnageThe Arnage, introduced in 1998 to replace the old Turbo R and Brooklands models, was powered by a modified BMW unit up until 2000, when it was joined by the re-introduced Rolls-Royce stalwart.

The car evokes the styling of the old Shadow/T-series cars, connoisseurs of both marques being traditionalist.  But this model marked a parting of the ways for both companies, as they were each purchased by separate concerns.

2000 Arnage Interiorred-label engineThis particular car is resplendent in silver with tan hide.  It sports a factory-fitted sun roof and new tyres, and comes with a full service history.  It is a Red Label, and therefore has the tried-and-true Rolls-Royce 6.75 litre V8 engine.

It is priced at £29,500.  To enquire/purchase, please use the form to the right and quote ref 00arnage in the Requirements section.  We will be in touch presently.

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