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1998 Bentley Continental T

1998 Bentley Continental TThe Bentley Continental T is a short wheelbase version of the Continental R.  But the shorter wheelbase (which makes the car more agile) isn't the only trick up its sleeve.

Additional to the tighter handling, it also has  more power and more torque than the standard Continental R on which it is based, and a more athletic appearance.  It is therefore a sportier car, and more fun than the R, wonderful though that is.

This Left Hand Drive car has been owned by one family from new, and has just 77.000 kilometres on the clock.  It is finished in Aegean Blue with magnolia leather, and has recently had a full service with new head gaskets.  Yours for just £85,000.

With only 322 Continental Ts produced, this car is headed for a collector or an enthusiast.  Could that be you?  If it is, just fill out the form to your right and put code 98contt in the requirements field - we'll be in touch presently.  Additionally, if you buy through us we can give you a generous thank-you package for your custom.

Did you know that if you know someone who's looking for a car like this, if you send them to us we would like to split our commission with you as a finder's fee?  That's the Art of Good Business!

Did you know...

...that we offer a substantial finder's fee (half our commission) to anyone who refers a friend  - including you - who buys through us?  That's the Art of Good Business!

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